To always want to get better

Our mission is "We will be the best in the industry at taking good care of our guests". Therefore, your opinion is very important to us, and only you can judge how we succeed.

Hello and welcome to us,
We often receive positive feedback from our guests regarding service and handling. It makes us both proud and happy. But sometimes we do not reach all the way out, so we always want to work to get even better all the time. We simply want to be the best in the whole industry in taking great care of our guests.

So how do we achieve that and who will decide when we have reached our goal? We have our customers in focus when it come to everything we do and thus you are the only one who can judge if and when we succeed.

Feel free to come by my office, the glass room just above the front desk - and share your thoughts, suggestions and ideas. Or just come by, say hi and we'll drink a cup of coffee together.

Hope that we'll see each other soon!

Tomas Lindqvist, CEO
Tel. 026-24 52 61,