Our beautiful waters

Imagine quietly paddling over the water with the greenery, the forest, nature as the only observator. We want you to experience this with us.

The canoe tours around Högbo offer varied paddling in lakes, streams, canals, rapids and ponds. The short trips start from the sports center at Högbo Bruk with paddling on the calm Dammsjön, Högboån and on the lake Öjaren. Here are many uninhabited beaches and islands to discover. A few walks go around the curving, leafy Jädraån and end in Högbo Bruk. In the river there are also a few smaller rapids, exciting and heartbreaking, but no more difficult than most people can manage.

Some of the tours are on Testeboån's water system, with both river paddling in small rapids and paddling in smaller lakes. Testeboån flows through lowland with a sense of wildlife

For paddling on the Jädraå tours, the longer tours on Öjaren and on Testeboån there are smooth transports to rent from Högbo to the starting points.

Visiting our nature and our waters means that we take responsibility by not litter, not damage vegetation and by respecting the wildlife, especially the bird life that is sensitive during the breeding season

 You are very welcome to paddle in beautiful Högbo and its surroundings!