Challenge each other

A competition guaranteed to raise both the sound level and the commitment.

In our outdoor activities we work together with the adventure company ÄventyrsService, located in Högbo. They are professionals in what they do and have long experience of setting up activities for large groups. There are lots of choices and only your imagination sets the limits. But to make it easier for you, we have gathered a few suggestions.


Combined events with 5, 7 or 10 games

Together we tailor your tournament  according to your wishes, regarding how physical and challenging games should be. If the match involves a lot of cooperation exercises, indoors or outdoors, etc. The range of games is large and varied; it is constantly evolving to offer new games to recurring visitors. Participants are divided into the appropriate number of teams that compete against each other, you choose whether you want to fight in 5, 7 or 10 games.

The Winter games

A fast-paced activity with, to say the least, unique games, where hot duels and relay races are fought between the teams. Examples of qualifiers during wintertime: the snowflake (co-operation), reverse skiing, snowtubes bowling / curling, Monomed, popcorn challenge. The finals between the two teams that performed the best: Tug of war in loose snow! Equip yourself with clothes, boots, hat and gloves suitable for a rugged experience!

Fångarna på Bruket

The group is divided into different teams and start with common relay games such as bicycle and long skis. The teams then go to seperate stations with a leader. There they will perform and manage as many stations as possible in 2 hours. When the team succeeds in a station, they get extra seconds in bonus time to the joint final event. At the final event, the team will ultimately transport gold tokens up the soaped wall to the team's treasure chest!


Summer action in Högbo

The group is divided into the appropriate number of teams, you are participating in the Olympic Games - but with a twist! Summer Activities: Guppcykel, Laser clay pigeon shooting, Cross-Controlled Bike, Segway, 4-wheeler. Winter Activities: Bowling / Curling with Snowtube,  The Snowflake, Reverse skiing, Monomed and 4-wheeler with tracks .