The largest is Bergmästaren

Bergmästaren is our largest venue for up to 200 conference participants and the possibility of different furnishings.

Our biggest local Bergmästaren is sometimes called the auditorium, but it is really anything but a hearing room. This is a flexible venue where we enjoyed capital market days, exhibitions, fairs, collections, festivals, dance and, of course, "regular" conferences.

200 people in a theater sitting or a little less when using optional furnishings. Dual PC guns for displaying two-tone presentations, integrated audio and light, of course wireless Wifi and a knowledgeable conference host to assist in the preparations.

Bergmästaren the entire room (214 sqm) :

  • Theater sitting 180 ppl.
  • Classroom 128 ppl.
  • "Islands" 96 ppl.
  • U-shaped tables 36 ppl.

The venue is located in the entrance hall near the hotel lobby, just outside the room is a spacious lounge that fits well for coffee breaks. Next to the lounge there are four group rooms.

Bergmästaren can be divided by means of a thick folding wall and will then become two smaller rooms, both with a capacity of up to 86 people for a theater sitting.

Bergmästaren 1 and Bergmästaren 2 (107 sqm) :

  • Theater sitting 86 ppl.
  • Classroom 64 ppl.
  • "Islands" 48 ppl.
  • U-shaped tables 30 ppl.