Kick off & event

Opportunities' meeting ground. We do not usually limit ourselves. Our unlimited meeting opportunities are best described with 3500 hectares. Such a large area we have for creative meetings, kick-offs, product launches and events. For large companies and entire sales organizations.

Here at Högbo Brukshotell there are 13 meeting rooms in different sizes, accommodating up to 450 conference guests. In the area there is a lodge and dance court for big parties and two mansions for meetings in privacy. The proximity to nature allows for a wide and varied range of activities. From wood-fired hot tubs, barbecue dinners and canoe trips to wine tasting and spa treatments.

For us it is of outmost importance that the meeting itself be successful, but we care equally that our guests get to eat, drink and feel good. Our restaurant has been selected by the restaurant guide White Guide. The menu is based on seasonal and locally produced raw materials, many of the vegetables are grown in Högbo's own greenhouse. The dinner ends best with our famous dessert buffet and cheese table with cheeses from Högbo's own creamery.

Here you will recieve a contact who follows you from A to Z. It creates peace of mind when planning big events.

Do you want to know more? Get in touch with us and we will help you to create a successful meeting!


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