In the charcuterie we use the raw materials of the region, mainly our own sheep, lamb, pigs, ducks and quails. but also add beef from the Nordic Wagyu and venison from the wild land in Trödje. During the harvest season, a lot of vegetable processing is made in Frilandet and the greenhouses. The methods are traditional such as drying, smoking, sausage stuffing, pickling and acidification. Here every meat is produced for our Christmas table at Nya Herrgården for instance. And many guests who are amazed at the air-dried products in the hotel bar.


The butchers

We are like the cooks but in an earlier stage. We do what they would like to do but do not have the time. Patience, accuracy, feeling and very good taste senses are what is required of us. Every day. The joy is found in everything from a fantastic fresh sausage to an air-dried lamb steak. Everything we do, we do together.