We try to handle all our production in a sustainable way. This may mean that our produce is KRAV labeled like our greenhouse, but it may also mean that we use food waste to feed pigs and ducks.

The sustainability is one of the 3 legs Made in Högbo stands on along with integration and good flavors. From the very beginning it was clear that we would work with KRAV on our plants in the greenhouse. It ensures that we get the best possible tastes from the seeds. However, it does not always give the biggest harvest. Our cheeses are made from KRAV Milk from Robert Eklund's farm in Järbo. It also becomes an indisputable organic product. Our animals do not have an organic label because we want to give them leftovers from the hotel's kitchen. Discussions are ongoing about if we have the opportunity to grow enough own feed for them to be able to label them KRAV.

We try to keep as much as possible of what is on Högbo without losing it. By eg use coffee grounds to the soil and food residue to the animals we allow waste to benefit the next year's production. Fertilizer from sheep and horse stables are used for the land's soils. A larger compost is under construction. We are also continually working to get our food waste from the guests' plates through information and small amounts of effort.