The Hotel Bakery

Here all bread is produced to our guests including the famous Högbo loaf. A recipe created by Jennie in 2004. We are grateful for that. We start the ovens at 05.30 a.m to get the breakfast out and they aren't usually closed until the evening shift leaves at around 23.00 p.m. By then we've managed to bake a lot and not just bread but also everything that is sweet and tasty to our coffee shop. The bakery is next door to the confectioner and the chocolatier. An appreciated place to relax during the last minutes of your break.


The Hotel bakers

We mix the flour from Teve Kvarn with the whey from the creamery and salt to make bread for all our guests. The feeling when the dough is ready. The response of the ready-made bun. The scent of the slightly burnt crust. The scrunch from the freshly baked bread.. Our senses are constantly exposed to sensations. Can you be anyhing but happy?