We call it in short for frilandet. There are not only cultivations on frilandet but also 2 larger greenhouses. When the temperature begins to rise in April / May, pregerminated plants are moved down from the heated greenhouse. The ground is being prepared and it begins to take shape. In July, tomatoes are ripe and harvested until mid-September. On frilandet, the strawberries and the chives come on midsummer together with some tender fennels and turnip cabbages from the greenhouse. Berries and bees are also an important part here. Berries for our desserts and bees for it to be any fruit at all. The earth is quite muddy and we unload it with manure from the sheep house and coffee grounds from the hotel's coffee machines. The whole place is as close as they come to the garden of Eden. No apple and not so many snakes though.

The gardeners

Are we all. For us, it's not just about using the soil to yield harvest. It does and it is important. But perhaps even more important is that we actually get to work together. Many of us have different languages ​​and very different backgrounds but the joy to see everything grow is common to all of us.