Ducks & Quails

Our ducks and quails are a great pleasure for both visitors and restaurant guests. Both birds contribute to experiences and to our kitchen with eggs and meat. Small, cute quail eggs are a delicacy in the restaurant, as well as the much larger eggs from the Muscovy duck.

The quails are born and grow up in our quail house in Sigrid's Hage, a mini-event for the children and parents of the neighborhood, preschool teachers and retirees, bandy players and workmen. The cottage was built in 2013 and was so nice we usually introduce it as a suite, for small birds. Feel free to go there and take a look. One egg a day, the little birds lay. They have a beautiful plumage and a funny little strut. The eggs are we eager to eat. All ducklings live in Sigrid's Hage. The drake does his best to make small ducklings. The mothers sit on top of the eggs and we also have a hatching machine if we would like to produce ducks for the sake of the flesh. Right now, we are out of last year's ducks and we will now use only the eggs.


Mother hen?

My name is Erica Andersson and I'm responsible for the animals at Sigrid's Hage. I spend at least as much time with my animals as I do with my family. Yes, the animals are like my other family.

Here I do not only care about our quails and ducks, but also a number of gene bank animals like Gästrike sheep and Öland goose.

Högbos Linderöd sow Klara has given birth to her piglets in our farm. Six healthy, strong and very cute piglets.