Oh, these grunting, grubbing animals have become even more important. Not only as a raw material for the restaurant but also in the area of Högbo Bruk. Just watching a drove of pigs coming up at full speed outdoors in freedom is a wonderful experience and gives you a nice feeling on the inside.

The reason we have pigs in Högbo is that we previously did not find pork meat that we felt safe, whether quality wise or ethical. Now, on the other hand, we have full control over how they are born, what they eat, how they behave and we can ensure that they get as valuable a growth as possible. Free walking on a large surface with shelter for the night if they want. Woodland to hide in, a large pool where they roll and cool while they get rid of insects.

To greet the pigs with a school class or a bunch of auditors from the capital always evokes cheerful feelings. The pigs are curious and would like to come to see and smell. Their snouts turn and twist from the ground up to the trouser leg. White pants are not recommended! It may seem paradoxical to speak so much of animals that are to be slaughtered by the end of the year. And yes, it is. Not quite easy at all.

In 2016 we had three different pig breeds; in 2017 we have two; Linderöd pigs grows slowly, is really outdoorsy and gives a meat with a lot of fat and musty taste. Duroc, which grows faster, has a high taste and good intramuscular fat. Great for our chark products, but also for grilling.

A big plus is that we get disposal for all our leftovers in the hotel kitchen, except meat and fish we chose not to use. Just do not feel right to give a pig pork! From the shelter, the pigs get vegetables, broken tomatoes and ugly pumpkins. And in Högbo, all pigs have a curly tail..

In the autumn we bought 3 Linderöd sows from Ockelbo, which was covered by a Durocgalt. Plus our own Klara. In a stable in Högbo, which we call Huldas, they gave birth to 3 sows; Margareta, Estelle and Wilma 34 piglets under v.49. Klara is expected to give birth in early February.


The shepherds

Our name is Shania Longyard and Behre Waldekidian. Our daily work is about taking care of the animals found in our pens. We feed, pat, support, water, let out and take in, weigh, squeeze and feel. To our help, we have bordercollies. Great field dogs that drive the animals to new pastures when needed. This creates the trust between the animals and us attendants. We are always the safety. We really love this. Going up in the early morning to deliver lambs in the sheep-pen during a hectic period is perhaps the highlight of the year. But also to see the joy when the animals come back from the slaughterhouse and hear the chef's description of the meat in lyrical terms. Then we know we have done a good job. And the animals are doing well. We promise.