This was where it started 2011. And continued. The lambs are born in the sheep house in January and grow up with their mothers until they are big enough to manage themselves. Then they are released to work in the summer and in the fall they return to the kitchen in a different form.

A good cooperation between Högbo Bruk and the hotel restaurant has made us go from 21 to 64 lambs in the little sheep house in 2016. The breed has also changed from Oxford Down / Suffolk to the current crew, Dorper. A South African breed that proved very suitable for our latitudes. The ram comes to visit for two periods in the fall. He then goes off with the ewes, which in most cases become pregnant after the first guest game. The sheep have 15 hectares to move on where they are tended to by Shania and his good-looking bordercollies so that they always have a healthy bite to eat.


The shepherds

Our name is Shania Longyard and Behre Waldekidian. Our daily work is about taking care of the animals found in our pens. We feed, pat, support, water, let out and take in, weigh, squeeze and feel. To our help, we have bordercollies. Great field dogs that drive the animals to new pastures when needed. This creates the trust between the animals and us attendants. We are always the safety. We really love this. Going up in the early morning to deliver lambs in the sheep-pen during a hectic period is perhaps the highlight of the year. But also to see the joy when the animals come back from the slaughterhouse and hear the chef's description of the meat in lyrical terms. Then we know we have done a good job. And the animals are doing well. We promise.