Wagyu Cows

Wagyu cows are a relatively new breed in Sweden and popular for its amazing meat. We believe that animals that grow naturally without stress and graze freely provide a better taste experience

It did not work any better when Patrik Eriksson, now wagyu breeder, got a wagyu cow from friends in the United States. After many trips by thermos, air travel and a friendly cow of the Angus breed, the wagyu came to Hamrånge. The animals are owned by Nordisk Wagyuwww.nordiskwagyu.se and they grant a lot of animals during the grazing season to Högbos pastures. Something we really are delighted with. When winter comes, they return to Alunda on Ted Eriksson's farm. We have used the meat from these animals since 2013 and everyone who tasted it can tell that it is one of the world's most exclusive meat



Our name is Shania Longyard and Behre Waldekidian. Our daily work is about taking care of the animals found in our pens. We feed, pat, support, water, let out and take in, weigh, squeeze and feel. To our help, we have bordercollies. Great field dogs that drive the animals to new pastures when needed. This creates the trust between the animals and us attendants. We are always the safety. We really love this. Going up in the early morning to deliver lambs in the sheep-pen during a hectic period is perhaps the highlight of the year. But also to see the joy when the animals come back from the slaughterhouse and hear the chef's description of the meat in lyrical terms. Then we know we have done a good job. And the animals are doing well. We promise.