Bike safely

At Högbo Bruk with surroundings there is room for everyone to enjoy no matter if you want to go cycling, running, riding or skiing. Here we want to create a atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and safe.

When riding in Högbo, it is important that you respect and comply with our few simple requirements:

1. Use helmet, for your own safety.
2. Use the bell. In Högbo we always cycle with a bell. If you don't have one you can get one for free at our reception.
3. Show consideration. We all have an obligation to understand the importance of allowing the forests around Högbo for everyone.

Ring the bell, use the break and smile
Everything will be much more fun if we all spread joy and show our best side. The bell says "hello mate!", The brake shows respect and the smile brings joy. Simple, right?

With that as a starting point, we wish you many pleasant cycling trips here at Högbo MTB Arena.

You are very välkommen!