Track status

After five months of skiing, we can finally open the MTB Arena again. A lot of snow has melted, giving a varied surface. At present, none of the courses are fully accessible. Temporary spring course of 7.4 km is snowless and relatively dry. Part of the 20 km course is not accessible due to water. The Vasabanan has long portions of snow and ice. The tracks that go on parts of the ski slopes have some ice and packed snow, but it is relatively alright to ride there. Now it is allowed to bike on the ski slopes.


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 All summer tracks   All tracks are open with varied ground  

Winter tracks






All winter tracks are closed

Something to think about: Cold and wind affects how much clothes you should wear. In general, it is possible to equate winter cycling with cross-country skiing when it comes to choosing clothes. Feel free to use warmer gloves and shoes. Keep in mind that on hard surfaces, it's faster with less work effort and you usually get more wind on you. On looser surfaces, you'll struggle more and thus you keep yourself warm easily. Be careful at the beginning and figure out how the ground that day affects your cycling. Try to brake a couple of times extra and see how the bike responds. Also, keep in mind that during spring the surface will soften quickly as the sun sets on.