In collaboration with the company ’Wild Nordic’ , you now have the opportunity for the nature experience of your life. To observe close up, one of our most powerful animals – The Bear!
This package contains
  • Day 1:
  • Bear watching
  • Sandwich on arrival at Wild Nordic Guided tours
  • An Overnight stay in the bear hide viewing hut
  • Breakfast at Wild Nordic
  • Day 2:
  • Högbo Brukshotel Afternoon tea/coffee at the hotel
  • A 4 course dinner
  • An Overnight stay in a double room
  • The hotel's generous breakfast

This package includes an overnight stay in the bear hide viewing hut and a night at our hotel. From "hut to castle"

Have you dreamed of seeing a bear up close in the wild? Now you have the chance. During a weekend in May and a weekend in August, you are offered a unique opportunity for a fantastic nature experience combined with an enjoyable stay at Högbo Brukshotell. This is how it works: The adventure starts at 15.00 at Wild Nordic in Kungsberg. 24 km west of Sandviken. Sandwiches are served and all practical and safety informationis gone through. You then take a car and a short distance on foot into the Gästrikeskogen forest and birch grove. Once In place, the guide shows you the best positions in the hide, and on your own, you start the exciting anticipation of the bear to arrive. At full security in the hiding place, you will watch during daylight hours and sleep during the dark hours in the wide beds. Silence and calm are a must for the shy bears to venture out. The layout is well tested and at 90%, guests see the bear in the wild close up.

What do you know about the bear? Bear cubs are born in January and are as small as a guinea pig. A normal-sized Swedish brown bear weighs about 100-150 kg (large female or a small male) A bear can eat about 180,000 blueberries per day - up to 80 liters. Bear watching is offered during two weekends in May and August, with two alternatives. Friday - Sunday or Saturday to Monday (most affordable)

Info about the bear hide viewing hut: The hide has 9 photo windows There are 2 beds 140x200 cm (you can lie 2 in 1 bed). Blankets, sleeping bags and pillows are provided, you do not need to bring these with you. In the hide there are warm slippers of different sizes and the floor has an insulating mat and wooden mats on top.

There are 4 good and bright pairs of binoculars in the hide.

Max: 4 guests per occasion.

Welcome to contact us for request of other possible dates!



Arrival in hut 15-16/5 3-4 guests, arrival hotel 16-17/5

Arrival in hut  16-17/5 3-4 guests, arrival hotel 17-18/5

Arrival in hut  22-23/5 3-4 guests, arrival hotelt 23-24/5

Arrival in hut  23-24/5 3-4 guests, arrival hotel 24-25/5

Arrival in hut  14-15/8 3-4 guests, arrival hotel 15-16/8

Arrival in hut  15-16/8 3-4 guests, arrival hotel 16-17/8

Arrival in hut  28-29/8 3-4 guests, arrival hotel 29-30/8

Arrival in hut  29-30/8 3-4 guests, arrival hotel 30-31/8

Från 3 595 kr / Person
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