Conference with SPA

A conference activity where you gather the gang for a different spa experience.
This package contains
  • Spa activity - Bubbly & Babble or Scotch & Scrub.
  • Pre-afternoon coffee with coffee bread/sandwich.
  • Lunch buffet with four hot dishes, table water, salad buffet, homemade bread, cheese tray and coffee.
  • Four-course dinner with our famous dessert buffet and cheese table with Högbo cheeses.
  • An overnight stay and a big breakfast buffet.
  • Free acess to the pool, sauna and relax area at certain hours.
  • Free Wi -Fi
  • Free parking

You enjoy a spa treatment with warm foot bath, foot scrub, foot massage and a lighter massage of the neck and scalp. Meanwhile, good drinks are served in the glasses - choose Bubbly & Babble with sparkling wine, or Scotch & Scrub if you prefer whiskey.

The activity lasts for about an hour, but feel free to spend some time swimming and relaxing afterwards. Suitable for groups of 4-20 people.

We apply dynamic pricing and the price varies depending on the day, price excluding VAT.

ATTENTION! The pool will be closed between 9-13 mars!

From 2 402 SEK
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