Gourmet package

Our chefs take good food to new heights. Vegetables from our own greenhouses, respectfully treated animals from Högbo and organic choices as much as possible - provides delicious dining experiences.
This package contains
  • Afternoon coffee on arrival, served at 14-16
  • Four-course dinner with optional appetizer and main course, our cheese table and famous dessert buffet.
  • An overnight stay and Högbo's big breakfast buffet
  • Free Wi -Fi
  • Free parking

Our menus are characterized by the best of the season, but also of a passion to combine tradition with innovation. Noted classics in the restaurant are the conditor's dessert buffet and the cheese table from our own creamery. With our Gourmet package you will get everything in one, feel free to complete it all with a pleasant walk in nice surroundings or a spa treatment for even more enjoyment.

You often find our best prices on Sundays!


From 1195 SEK / person