Our suppliers

Our goal is to always start from the best seasonal produce from our local suppliers, we here want to mention by name and say a big and heartfelt thank you to.

Nordisk Wagyu: 3 of the crew have served in Högbo. 2 heifers and one cow. But is now back with Ted Eriksson at the farm in Alunda, outside Uppsala
Viltmarken i Trödje: Karl-Bertil manages his field extremely carefully
Högbo Växthus: lettuce salad, small sprouts, tomatoes, herbs. Marita, ShiMo, Harmony and MiMI nurture the plants well.

Högbo Frilandsodlingarna; Seasonally harvested tons of tomatoes, beetroot, carrots, beans, strawberries, zucchini, chives, rhubarb. By Anne, Ghalia, LaviThoo, Ergan
Högbo Vaktelhus: 70-80 quails who cook nice little eggs. Handled by Erika with staff
Högbo Ysteri: Hadeel Naeem cheeses cheese on skimmed milk from mountain cows in Järbo. Last silver received in Mathantverks SM with his Logens Långlagrade.
Högbo Tunnbrödbageri: across the road. JoRe and her daughter rolls with a smile.
Högbo Lamm, grisar & ankor: Taken good care of by Shania, Behre and some of their shepherd dogs.
Fiskmagasinet Gävle: both fresh fish and refined, mostly smoked
Nordsjöfisk: citizen of Gothenburg with roots in Hälsingland
Rask Annas Ägg från Ockelbo
Teve Kvarn:
 7th generation miller in Tevsjö
JoRe: finds all the mushrooms in the forest. mostly chanterelle. But also hundreds of kilos of blueberries and lingonberries 
Gefleortens Mejeri:
everything when it comes to dairy also Kravmärkt 
Högbo Charkvagn: Hans-Eriks sensitive hands in the sausage factory. With Tacqui, Sameer och Philmon.
Högbo Honung: Erik is his bees
Tjäderläder: sews leather aprons in Jädraås

Högbo Glashytta Olle Brozén; Makes glass and bottles by hand

Smejohan: the unofficial king of fire and iron

Jordnära i Valbo: carrots, potatoes and beets KRAV
La Ferme Landaise: luxury products and french cheese
Martin & Servera: colonial and meat
Grönsakshallen Mora: vegetables
Ockelbokyckling: a lot of cackel in Siws house
Oviken Ost: Kristina Åkermos both red, white and blue
Jurss Mejeri, Hälleforsnäs: fantastic blue mold cheese and washed rind cheese

Jädraöl, Gävle: Eva och Lars brews among ther things our own brown ale but so much more

Tevsjö destilleri: Jonas does wonders with flavors on both aquavit and gin with local touches