Our lunch is served as a buffet, so you can savour your meal at your own pace and choose items to suit your personal tastes.

The buffet includes a variety of salads and vegetables, mainly grown in our own gardens. The salad of the day is a meal in itself, and our herring platter consists of four different flavoured herring dishes with potatoes. We always offer a soup with the salads, or as a dish on its own with bread, and why not a few Högbo tomatoes.

Chefs are available at the hot buffet to answer any questions you might have about the other three hot dishes; fish, meat and a vegetarian option.

After your main meal you might be tempted by the cheeseboard, featuring three different cheeses from our own dairy. And to finish, coffee or tea and something from the dessert buffet.

At Högbo Bruk we grow most of our vegetables in our own greenhouses, just around the corner from the hotel. Simply look for the “Made in Högbo” label, which indicates products produced in Högbo.