Our food philosophy

We enjoy food very much, but we also view it as important in many ways. The feeling of eating something that is not only tasty and appealing to look at, but also produced in a sustainable way. Our dream is a menu based solely on raw materials from our own region and our unique set of circumstances makes the dream achievable. A benefit that few have.

The ironworks site has a social enterprise where gardeners from Burma are now planting vegetables both outdoors and in greenhouses. We’re growing tomatoes, beets, cabbage, beans, potatoes, strawberries and carrots. In the historic Gamla Herrgården manor house, Åsa Lindgren produces cheese from unpasteurised, locally produced cow's milk from Järbo. Cheeses which are then served on our cheeseboard at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The quail house delivers freshly laid eggs to the restaurant every day and in the spring you can see the lambs grazing in the meadows. We breed Pigham pigs, a cross between Yorkshire, Landrace and Hampshire pigs, and you can see them grunting and rummaging in their paddocks outside with their earth-covered snouts and curly tails, just as it should be. Our latest addition to the livestock is some Wagyu cattle, which joined us at the beginning of the summer. All the meat from Högbo’s animals is used in our restaurant and the foods in our deli van.

Honey comes from Högbo’s hives, and mushrooms and berries from the forests that surround us. We source our flour from Teve Mill just outside Järvsö, which gives added flavour to all our home-baked bread.

It is all these efforts that form the basis of our creations in the restaurant. We are literally surrounded by our raw ingredients.