Spa treatments

A treatment can help you relax after a long day, or give energy to future challenges. A treatment can be a reward for yourself or a luxury gift for someone you care about. We have treatments that provide relaxation or energy. Regardless, you will have a wonderful experience with us at the SPA. Welcome!

An experience for body and mind!

Body Treatments
Price: Mon - Thurs 895 SEK
Fri - Sun 1095 SEK

CLASSIC facial treatment 50 min
A great facial treatment for all skin types. We start with a thorough cleaning and skin analysis. Then exfoliate, a facial massage finishing with a facial mask and cream. Emptying of pores takes place when needed.

Of course, we tailor the products to your needs.

This is the treatment with that little extra, where your relaxation and your well-being are the focus. We start with a gentle cleansing, then exfoliate and finish with a nice moisturizing mask and adapted cream for your face. And perhaps the best, in "BRÖMS NJUTKUR" includes arm, facial and scalp massage. PS! Catharina Bröms was a dynamic, colorful woman who dominated the mills in Gästrikland, including Högbo Mill.

LUGN & RO 50 min Relaxation De Luxe.
Here you get a soothing and easy massage for maximum effect. Together with your therapist, you choose the aroma oils that suit you.

PÅ DJUPET 50 min
Here you get a restful massage for the whole body. It is performed with slow, deep strokes where you choose more vigorous or easier pressure, depending on your needs at the time.


The Swedish classic massage is world famous. Here you enjoy a profound massage that gives you comfortable relaxation for the whole body.

This is for those who want massage with extra strength. We give you a powerful, in-depth massage where your sore, stiff muscles are softened. If necessary, we put extra pressure on problem areas. Treatment is tailored to your needs in consultation with the therapist. MANKAN'S MUSCLE MASSAGE is a bit like training - feels nice afterwards. PS! Magnus "Mankan" Palmberg is not only a world champion in mountain biking but also a builder of Högbo MTB arena.

Allow the body to be hydrated in an active body wrap with papaya peeling while giving you a refreshing facial with cleansing, exfoliating and a mask. Finishing with an enjoyable facial massage.

Here you get a comfortable, relaxing massage with a "mom oil" for you and your little bump. Then enjoy a facial cleanse, peel, mask and a custom face cream. Massage for face and scalp is also included! Of course you can book this treatment even if you are not pregnant as it is very relaxing and soothing.

This cure starts up with a nice, deep cleansing body peel with mineral salt that encourages your body circulation. It is also refreshing and energizing for all your senses. After the peeling, you get an enjoyable relaxing massage focusing on your back, neck and shoulders.

ÖPPNA UPP 50 min
This treatment improves your cleansing while energizing. At the start you get a body peel with a dry brush and deep massage. The body peel is relaxing while at the same time improves your circulation and the skin becomes more receptive. The massage is adapted to give slimming effect with serum containing ginger. A nutritious cream completes this treatment and moisturizes your skin.


MANIKYR 50 min
The treatment starts with a hand peel and a hand bath. The nails are filed and polished and the cuticles are cleaned and cut. At the end you get a hand and underarm massage. If you want to glam it up a little, you can also add painting of nails.

PEDIKYR 50 min
A warm foot bath softens your tired feet first. Then the sole of the foot is filed and softened along with nail care. In conclusion, you get a beneficial foot massage. If you want the little extra, you can also add painting of toenails.

Here your important hands get much needed care. The treatment starts with scrubbing, followed by comfortable massage and then a gentle, moisturizing pack. Your nails are filed and cuticles are trimmed. A lubricating paraffin bath becomes like the icing on the cake.


They carry you through life and in FINA FÖTTER your feet are really pampered. Start-up with nice foot scrub and filing. Your feet then get an enjoyable massage and polish the toenails. If you want you can choose to have the toenails painted. A finishing paraffin bath makes your feet soft and comfortable, ready for new adventures.


Colouring of lashes and brows, incl. plucking - 350 SEK
Colouring of brows incl. plucking - SEK 275

Waxing Entire legs 500 SEK

1/2 leg 300 kr 1/1 legs incl. bikini line 450 kr

Back 450 SEK

Armpits 200 SEK

Facial areas 150 SEK

What To think about before waxing:
The hair must be between 0.5 - 1 cm long for a best waxing results. The skin must not be tanned or damaged / sensitive. The skin must be free of oil and body lotion.
What To consider after waxing:
24 hours after your treatment, we recommend that you do not sunbathe, bathe, exercise or use perfumed products. If you are unsure of which treatment is right for you, please do not hesitate to contact us at