Student treatments

Be sure to book a treatment with our students who are studying skin- and spa therapy with a focus on skin care at the Plus Gymnasium.

Amanda, Julia and Tova are attending their second year at the Plusgymnasiets Handicrafts Program with a focus on Skincare.
Throughout the autumn and spring term they will practice with us every Monday between 11.00-16.30.
Take the opportunity to book a treatment with them. During their education, they learn everything about skin care including facials, facial massage, eye lash- and eye brow coloring, hair removal and basic make up. They learn different spa treatments such as body wraps, aroma therapy and scrubing and also relaxation massage.

Student menu

Eucalyptus body scrub 25 min - 295 SEK (ordinary price. 595 SEK)
An energy boosting salt scrub with eucalyptus which is rich in minerals. Stimulates the blood circulation and makes the skin soft and smooth

Classic muscle massage 25 min - 295 SEK (ord. 595 SEK)
Full body massage with a focus on back, neck and shoulders

The little facial treatment 25 min - 295 SEK (ord 595 SEK)
Beneficial treatment with cleansing, exfoliating mask and lastly a face massage.

The little facial treatment with additional massage 50 min - 595 SEK (ord 795 SEK)
The treatment begins with a half body massage for the back, neck and shoulders. Then you get a refreshing face treatment with cleansing, exfoliating mask and eventually face massage

Facial 50 min - 410 SEK (ord. 825 SEK)
A wonderful facial with a little extra. Here you will have relaxation and well-being with a focus on massage. The facial includes cleaning, exfoliating mask and face cream. It also includes hand, foot, facial, and scalp massage.

Classic face treatment 60/80 min - 410/498 SEK (ord. 825/995 SEK)
A facial for all skin types. It begins with thorough cleansing and skin analysis. It also includes peeling, cleansing of the pores when needed, facial massage, face mask and lastly face creme.
We tailor products according to your needs. At 80 min we also include eyebrow plucking and coloring.

Coloring of eyelashes and eyebrows, including eyebrow plucking - 175 SEK (ord. 350 SEK)
Coloring of the eyebrows incl. plucking - 125 SEK (ord. 275 kr)

Note that they are under training so treatment may take a little bit longer and sometimes they will also have a tutor with them as support.
Welcome with your booking to or 026-24 52 00.