The new ironworks mentality

Högbo Bruk has sprung from what nature has given through the centuries in terms of water, forest, iron and stone.

Natural resources combined with craftsmanship, goal awareness and hard work brought prosperity and social security. At the same time there were certain strict rules in charge. Hierarchy, conformism and limited contact with the outside world created a relatively closed environment.

But the world has changed, and we have changed with it. On the one hand, Högbo is just as it always has been. We still live by nature in the middle of the old environment. We still have our craftsmanship and our professional pride. At the same time it is so very different.

We are in our own small world, yet situated so close. There is a completely different openness and attitude to work, leisure, and the good things in life. You sweat more in the ski slope than at the tilthammer, spend as much on pleasure and recreation as at work. We have introduced activities and meetings, gastronomy and romance and made the ironworks a joyful and inspiring place.

This is the new ironworks mentality; A mentality we who work at Högbo Brukshotell want to share with you and all our guests. Welcome!