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Conference with SPA


A conference activity where you gather the gang for a different spa experience. With both relaxation and time to socialize under casual circumstances.

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Day conference

from 485 SEK

A short effective meeting throughout the day, with good meals cooked by locally sourced produce and in a beautiful setting.

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Kick off at Högbo bruk

from 3185 SEK

When we say we have everything for your meeting, we can wholeheartedly stand for it. Whether you are planning a conference, kickoff, event or launch, we have unlimited opportunities for your event.

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Conference 24 hours

from 1895 SEK

Modern meeting room in a historical environment. A place for an effective meeting with endless opportunities for activity and movement, together in groups or individually.

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Conference with skiing

from 2 595 SEK

Högbo is known as a ski paradise and designated for the official Vasaloppscentre. Here you can combine your conference with a nice cross-country ski trip, enjoy Högbo Bruks fantastic surroundings.

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Conference with MTB

from 2400 SEK

Try out the new Högbo MTB Arena, with custom-made courses that make it a fun activity for beginners and experienced cyclists.

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Friday Conference

from 2126 SEK

An extra favorable offer for those who want to attend Friday to Saturday, lunch to lunch.

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